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News Flash: Political Correctness Makes Trump President

September 26, 2016

The debate is tonight. I’m shaking in my boots.

Hillary can’t say anything. She can’t say we need a secure border, deportation when appropriate, and a sensible guest worker program. She can’t say the path to citizenship issue should be dealt with later. She can’t say the people and the Congress have every right to offer or deny citizenship as they see fit to people who came here as guest workers.

It’s not politically correct to say it, so she can’t say it. The republican position on immigration and especially Trump’s position has always been and is now outrageous nonsense. But add in a shot of political correctness and suddenly both sides look ridiculous.

Take Kelly Osbourne (please). She made some stupid comment about “who’s going to clean Trump’s toilet if he kicks out illegal immigrants” (paraphrased). She was vilified. But she was right. Illegal immigrants are here because citizens with money are hiring them to do low-wage jobs. We benefit from the importation of cheap labor; we are dependent on the cheap labor; we created the current mess; reasonable regulation would be win-win. Where was the focus? Oh yes, KO used the wrong words, how awful.

If we fall for Trump’s plan and keep playing immigration policy as a giant PC-fest, Hillary will lose. Calling Trump a racist and championing the path to citizenship is exactly what he wants. Trump is turning the whole election into a class at Trump University and we’re letting him do it.

Black Lives Matter is another great place for Trump. Hillary can’t criticize them, not even a little bit. She can’t say we need more police departments to be models of racial sensitivity and professional policing and community involvement like the Dallas police department. She can’t follow that up saying Black Lives Matter often pursues a narrative that tends to separate police from the communities they serve. President Obama said this (more or less), but even he couldn’t do direct criticism. Hillary Clinton can’t say Black Lives Matter needs to work on its message.

Clinton would be vilified if she uttered a single word of criticism of Black Lives Matter. And that is perfect. It’s perfect for Donald J. Trump, soon to be 45th President of the United States. Black Lives Matter does need to work on its message, but only Trump can say it.

Blacks have been shut out of the white economy and are still largely segregated. The result is black poverty and black crime. Black people die by the dozens every day. Black people who are murdered are usually murdered by other black people just as white people who are murdered are usually murdered by other white people.

Let’s do some numbers. About the same number of whites and blacks are homicide victims each year. About the same number of whites and blacks are killed by police each year. About the same number of unarmed whites and unarmed blacks are killed by police each year. These statistics are very easy to check. In fact, more whites than blacks are killed by police each year although the numbers are in the same ballpark — small compared to the number of homicides.

There is a higher crime rate in the black community largely a result of the higher poverty rate. The thousands of additional shooting deaths that result from poverty (I believe a cause and effect relationship can be established in this case) is hundreds of times more significant than any policing problem will ever be, but Clinton will hardly be able to mention it because it might involve criticizing Black Lives Matter.

Trump, on the other hand, is already all over it. He claims that blacks under his presidency will be better off because he will focus on the real problems. He is a con artist, but since Hillary isn’t even allowed to mention real problems without a thousand politically correct qualifiers, I’m afraid she won’t be able to counter him should he choose to press his advantage.

Political correctness is self-destructive. Watching Kelly Osbourne apologize to her fellow left-wing super-progressives was like watching a group of cannibals chewing each other’s arms off. It is unspeakably sad that even Barack Obama can only criticize Black Lives Matter obliquely. Clinton is the only thing standing between the country and a con artist and she’s muzzled by political correctness.

Think about what political correctness does in the online wild west world. Look at Leslie Rasmussen. Her childhood friend, Brock Turner, raped an unconscious woman at a party. After he was convicted, Leslie wrote a private letter to the judge saying essentially, “I can’t believe he would do something like that; he’s such a decent kid; the drinking and partying at college is so toxic; go easy on him.”

Now her career is destroyed. After all, Leslie was supporting rape culture, right? Look at the connection she made between alcohol abuse and sexual misconduct. Being drunk doesn’t give you the right to rape someone, but Leslie Rasmussen thinks it does, doesn’t she? She sure does — in the mindless world of political correctness.

Letters like Leslie’s are solicited as a routine part of sentencing. People who know the convicted criminal can give the judge an idea about whether the person is likely to re-offend. Leslie doesn’t know exactly what happened — no one does, not even the victim and the perpetrator. So Leslie lamented the dangers of alcohol-fueled partying. Who doesn’t? But she didn’t choose her words as carefully as she might have. She didn’t know the political correctness nazis would read her letter. Therefore she must die?

The letter was leaked and Leslie Rasmussen was promptly hacked to pieces by the online mob. Her band’s gigs were cancelled; her music career was damaged perhaps beyond the point of repair; she’s 20 years old and in despair. The people who cancelled her gigs have every right to do so, but they also have every right to ignore the mob’s insane lust for the blacklist (remember the blacklist, the vile right-wing weapon?).

All of this viciousness in the name of political correctness is rendering decent people powerless and thoughtful (but imperfect) people speechless. Real issues can’t be safely discussed. Clinton can utter platitudes and must otherwise watch every word like a hawk. Enter Trump.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is trapped in a politically correct box with Donald Trump sitting on the lid. We built the box and put her in it. What will be the result of our collective folly?

We shamed KO; we destroyed LR. Why? Because they used words incautiously. It’s as if they were dancing wildly in a puritan church 400 years ago. Nice work. Next thing you know the modern-day puritans will look on in horror as President Trump goes to Italy and parties with Silvio Berlusconi. Mark me.

Tonight the sulphurous and tormenting flames will lick at my elbows and singe my brows as I hear a tale whose lightest word will harrow my soul and freeze my blood. Political correctness will give Trump the debate and the election. Mark me.

On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. – H.L. Mencken 26 July 1920 in the Baltimore Evening Sun

P.S. I watched the first debate. My worst fears were unfounded (so far). Clinton crushed him. Trump did not press his immense political correctness advantage. She was lucky. This time. Tonight is the second debate. I shiver anew.

P.P.S. I don’t mind being wrong.

P.P.P.S. The polls are tightening. I’m having difficulty breathing. I’m telling you, political correctness is not good for the progressive movement. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but she’s warming up her voice and there’s a fat con artist who steals from architects spitting distance from the presidency.

P.P.P.P.S. President Donald J. Trump. Bully, con artist, self-centered groper. NOW will someone listen to me? Are you SURE political correctness is the way to go?

P.P.P.P.P.S PA just called for Trump. Women voted for him. Hispanics voted for him. Even blacks voted for him.





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  1. Yahzi permalink

    Luck had nothing to do with it, as the last few days have shown. Hillary baited Trump like a master… baiter, I guess. And now she’s living rent-free in his head, ringing the doorbell at 3:00 AM. He’s a shambling wreck, drowning under the apprehension of knowing he has to face her again.

    We all wanted her to knock him out, but that rarely happens. Instead, she worked the ropes and let him punch himself into despair. Then she went all “quivering palm” on him; gave him a blow that got hurt more and more as time went on.

    The second debate is going to be epic. There won’t be a third.

    • Thanks for the comment. I have to agree with you at least about your analysis of the past and present. As for the future, I hope you’re right.

      Watching the PC people go after each other (e.g., Leslie Rasmussen and Kelly Osbourne) is scary to me. It’s one thing to want sensitivity, but going for the jugular when anyone steps out of line is dangerous because we really have to fear demagogues like Trump, not the idea that we might not all agree on every single thing.

      • Yahzi permalink

        I saw some people on DKos going after a (reliably liberal) pundit because he said Hillary needed to be “more attractive to voters.”

        They thought using “attractive”: was sexist. One of them even said, “Would anyone use this regarding a man?”

        I posted a link to Red State or something where they use the word twice to talk about one of their candidates.

        So ya, PC can definitely get out of hand. On the plus side, people are starting to unapologetically use the F-word with Trump.. (Facism) 😀

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