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The 20-20 Coalition

November 7, 2012

In view of the recent election and all the nonsense about our “divided country” that we all seem to have fallen for, I’ve decided to start a political party.

The “divided country” is based on this dumb idea: one party stands for individualism and one party stands for cooperation. You pick one word that sounds good, I’ll pick another word that sounds good, and then we’ll have a great big argument. It is reminiscent of the absurd nature vs. nurture argument. (Hint: It’s both.)

I’m pushing 50 and I’ve seen a lot of stupid arguments in my life. I’ve even participated in a few of them. But the one going on now in Washington takes the cake. They’re putting our future on the line just to argue about nothing.

We have a government that operates just fine and does everything it should when it spends about 20 percent of the GDP. No one disputes this. Republicans are fine with 20% spending and Democrats are fine with 20% spending. In fact, Republican presidents usually spend more than 20% and Clinton spent less than 20% (see the next post for the numbers).

This strange argument-when-there-is-no-argument situation has been the case for my entire adult life and is now coming to a dangerous and ugly head in Washington.

Our government works well when taxes are about the same as spending. That is, when the government collects about 20 percent of the GDP in taxes, the economy does fine and the government has what it needs to operate. No one disputes this either. No one likes deficits and debt. Did you see Clinton bragging about his balanced budgets? Did you see the debt clock at the Republican convention?

So why are we allowing left-wing and right-wing extremists to tell us there is some awful unsolvable problem in government? Why do we think our government can’t work? It can. It is VERY simple. We need to collect 20% of GDP in taxes and spend 20% of GDP on everything from defense to welfare. Sure, the boys and girls in Washington will argue until the cows come home about the details. But there is no rational argument about 20-20. Everyone agrees on it. Therefore we should do it.

If our elected representatives don’t do it, they should be arrested for treason and put in prison where they belong. Join me in the 20-20 Coalition. Write your congressperson, make phone calls, write letters to the newspaper. Let’s go to Washington and march. Our slogan can be 20-20 OR ELSE.

Remember, we regular people outnumber the politicians by a wide margin. There’s a few hundred of them and 300 million of us. We may not be able to literally arrest them for treason, but we can put the fear of God in them for sure. Let’s.


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